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What Makes a Good Promotional Campaign?

Posted by SIDEWALKPROMODEPOT on 5/5/2014
Thanks to the Internet and prospective customers' ever-shrinking attention spans, your business or product is caught up in a wide sea of images and words that are all clamoring for the attention of prospective customers. And this is especially true with globalization of competition. Your business may be unique in your area or in your state, but with the Internet you are competing with similar businesses in other states, other countries and on other continents as well. 

Seems like a daunting proposition to promote your brand, doesn't it? Success in this competitive landscape can be won if you resist the urge to jump into a promotional or marketing campaign because of some belief that you will miss the wave of momentum. 

It isn't momentum that determines the success of a good promotional campaign. Here are some suggestions that can help your promotional campaign be successful and not be haphazard or disorganized.

  1. Develop goals. No campaign will ever work without some goals laid out ahead of time. What is the goal of this campaign - to build brand awareness? To generate sales of a product? To get exposure for the company in the marketplace? And don't be vague; use specifics whenever possible. 
  2. Be unique. There are lots of promotional campaigns going on every day, so you have to find a way to stand out with your desired audience. Whether you do something exclusively through YouTube or Facebook or entice people to visit your website or visit a store, you have to find that "hook" (besides a catchy title or theme) that will help your campaign be remembered over most others.
  3. Highlight the right thing. While it's great to come up with a good jingle or slogan, if that does not tie back to the product or service being promoted, then the promotion will fail because the jingle could be remembered but maybe not the product that was supposed to be promoted. Always keeps the product or service (or brand) in mind and tie all aspects of your promotion back to that.
  4. Measure results. Be able to quantify what happened in your campaign, and compare the results to your original goals - were your goals reached, or did the campaign take things into a different direction than you intended? And was that good or bad for your company? Being able to quantify the results can tell you whether the campaign worked and/or what needs to be adjusted for the next time.