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Side Walk Promo Depot

Posted by SIDEWALKPROMODEPOT on 5/14/2014

SideWalkPromoDepot.com is a professional design company that has been providing customers with design solutions for many years now. Our services include designing and manufacturing of banners, business cards, car magnets, CD-Inserts, t-shirts, flyers, post cards and posters. We also provide advanced CD Duplication facilities for interested customers.  


Our Range of Services


CD Duplication 

CD duplication is a cost effective process through which hundreds (or more) CD/DVDS are produced. Files are added to these discs through laser technology and delivery can be made in very quick time. You can even get the batch delivered on the same day if the requirement is urgent. You can create multiple copies of your favorite movies, travel videos, wedding party videos and other files. We use lithographic offset printing technology to produce high quality CD/DVD’s for our customers. 


Business Cards 

Working professionals take a lot of care while getting their business cards designed. The key to a well-designed card is that it must be able to capture the essence of what the company stands for. Based on your own set of preferences, we can design cards that are elegant, professional and visually appealing. We also cater to customers who are looking for designs that are unique, unorthodox and creatively stimulating.



You can get custom made T-shirts designed as per your choice with your name featured in bold fonts at the center. You can also include photos of your friends or family members and have them presented as a gift to loved ones. We also create personalized T-shirts with witty quotes and one-liners. All you need to do is brief us on what you want and our designers will immediately get to work.   



If you are looking to get banners designed for a seminar or conference program, we are the guys to help you out. We have a team of veterans who can produce vibrant banners of varying sizes that are both colorful and aesthetically designed. We also design posters, flyers and post cards which are very useful for marketing while promoting an event.